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  Send us your mailing address and some information about your needs.  You may use our private e-mail address:  CLICK HERE .  In response, we will send you an appropriate intake questionnaire and ask you to complete it and return it to us.  There is no charge or fee for submitting a completed intake questionnaire to us.

  When you have submitted your completed intake questionnaire to us, please allow four to five business days for us to review your submitted intake questionnaire and respond via mail, or via a means that will assure you of security.

  In response, we may give you the opportunity to hire us.  We may offer you an engagement letter or a formal employment agreement, which will fully set out our fees and hourly rates so that you may order our legal services.

  We offer payment options, including checks or money orders drawn on U.S. accounts and bank wire transfers for overseas accounts.  Please consult us privately before moving overseas funds if you intend to invest or are investing in property or assets in the United States.

EB-5 Alien Entrepreneur (Immigrant Investor)

    We offer a range of legal services to foreign investors interested in participating in the so-called EB-5 Program (immigrant investor).  Because there are thousands of visas available in the EB-5 visa category and few immigrant visas available in other visa categories or long wait times -- often years -- for the availability of an immigrant visa, the EB-5 Program has become increasingly popular.

We represent and advise Regional Centers

    It is our privilege to represent or provide legal guidance to some fine organizations involved in the U.S. EB-5 immigrant investor program.  We represent or advise a number of regional centers around the United States.

Legal services for Regional Centers

    In addition to representing the Regional Centers above and providing services specific to their needs, our law firm also represents individual EB-5 investors and EB-5 investment project developers.  We assist individuals and groups prepare Regional Center applications for submission to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  We also provide legal services concerning EB-5 compliance administrative and operational matters to active and organizing Regional Centers.  Our EB-5 compliance services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  Assist the Regional Center (RC) in establishing the guidelines and framework for administration and internal operations, project analysis and due diligence, investor recruitment and screening, data collection, and annual reporting to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  We help the RC collect data and save information that will be used for the RC's annual reports to USCIS.

  Develop specific criteria for investment projects for purposes of EB-5 Program compliance and establish procedures for vetting proposed investment projects in light of current federal regulations and changing USCIS guidance. Prior to the preparation of a securities offering, we advise the RC and its securities lawyer(s) in structuring EB-5 investment projects to comply with EB-5 regulations and laws, including such matters as arranging escrow of investors' funds and under what criteria those funds are managed in order to comply with the EB-5 Program, job-creation or job-preservation projections, TEA designation, investor takeout plan, investor equity, investment return and reinvestment issues, etc.

  Assist the Regional Center in building a website that will include general EB-5 Program information and a secure portal for its EB-5 investors (login / password protected) to examine data, photos, financials, legal documents, etc., concerning the EB-5 project the investors have funded. The 24/7 availability of this information reduces the time spent by Regional Center principals and the investors' recruiters and lawyers in responding to questions about the EB-5 project.  We can furnish a web development technician or work with one provided by the RC.

  Prepare and file EB-5 Program petitions for individual investors (I-526 and I-829) if the investors sign a conflict-of-interest waiver.  We also work with outside lawyers with EB-5 Program experience to prepare and file investors' petitions for large projects (20+). This document-driven process is a combination of investors' personal, identity, business and financial documents and tax records, the RC securities offering and certain other documentation prepared and delivered by the RC.  We will file notices of appearance with USCIS on behalf of the RC as well as the investors we represent.

  Monitor the EB-5 petition process from beginning to end for the investors who choose to hire us.  This includes I-526 petitions and I-829 petitions filed with the California Service Center (CSC).  We will respond to Requests for Additional Evidence (RFE's) on behalf of investors.  RFE's are sent to the attorney of record by the CSC. If the RFE concerns investor issues, we will prepare a response to the RFE, submit it to the CSC and bill the investor; if the RFE concerns RC issues (e.g., structure of the RC, economic impact analysis, economic methodology used, state agency designation of a TEA), we will prepare a response to the RFE, submit it to the CSC, and bill your RC.

  Notify investors of approval of EB-5 petitions and notify the RC and the financial institution that holds escrowed funds for RC services as well as for investors' funds.

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